Joelle has designed and shipped one dozen native apps for iOS and Android, awarded #1 App in the iTunes App Store in eight categories. After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from RISD, Joelle worked in New York CityHong Kong, and Los Angeles. She currently designs software for KATERRA in San Francisco, California.




Joelle thrives in collaborative agile environments and believes that teamwork and candor are critical to success. She designs products and services that are meaningful for its users by empathizing with users' behaviors, needs, and goals.

Her expertise is in interface design and passion for great user experience make her an asset for teams large and small. She creates wireframes with annotations, user flows, site maps, personas, user stories, empathy maps, prototypes in InVision and Principle, and has conducted user research and usability tests for past projects.







Joelle Leung



Fantasy Pet

Pig named "Baguette" 


Just for Fun

I wrote and recorded a rap song about recycling 🎵 🎤


Fantasy Band Names

Art Party, Insatiable Quest, Local Honey, Your Honorary Ear, Mutual Dreaming, Neurotic Scorpion, Nonverbal Queues, Models on Motorbikes

Secret Talent

Scorpion Pose 🦂 


Food Memory

Biting into a strawberry full of worms in rural California 🍓🐛🐛🐛


Finding Peace

Anywhere by a body of water or reading a book in a hot bath in the middle of a New York winter 🛀 📖


Favorite fiction book

Kafka on the Shore 🌊



16 different foreign countries, 40+ separate trips 🚀



Bún Cha in Hanoi, lassi in Jaipur, crêpes and cider in Paris, bánh mì in Hoi An, yak's milk yogurt in Tibet, sweet potato fries from a Red Dzao woman in Sapa